19-09-2005 PARTY!! Gige's birthday & Lake 50

Lagoa La Viuva

We had two reasons to party. First is was Gige birthday and second we finished lake 50. The birthday preparations had secretly started already some days before. We were already staying in a low-facility-area for some weeks and were expecting to enter a no-facility-zone in Povoacao so somewhere in between we distracted Gige and bought all the ingredients for a birthday cake. We were planning to ask someone to fix us one by the time of her anniversary. This turned out to be unnecessary because Povoacao counts with a serious baker that baked us a delicious cake.

Our resources were a bit limited to organize much more; no balloons and no festoons in the far surroundings but we improvised a bit and we had a lot of fun. At the end of the day Victor – the local NGO coordinator that we had just met an hour before- significantly improved the cake by planting a ‘Super Poderosa’ candle on it just before it was served and Rogierio came with a very nice turtle necklace as a gift and that was the party.

As a beautiful coincidence we were also working in lake number 50 that day: Lagoa Doutor. No Jubilee speech here on the website (at least not from me) but a lot of pictures with some of our last impressions. Please – especially the people that are involved in the sample analysis – take note of the utmost care that we take in transporting the samples at the end of the sample day: inside the car. Here we are – 5 persons - jammed between breakable glassware holding on to the precious results of the day.

a fish called cd, wonder why


Birthday breakfast with arretjescake

Boa Vista

care taker of Fazenda Boa Vista

Felipe getting piranha out of the net

Felipe here still with glasses the were lost about 15 minutes later in Lagoa Boa Vista isn t it ironic

Gige and her birthday banner

Gige enhoying herself on her birthday by cutting fish





Sarapo that had a close encounter with a piranha

Sarian picking macroinvertebrates

the cores

the erlenmeyer

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