27-08-2005 Lake 40

Today we started working in lake number 40. This is the last lake with the Leo and Lua. Korine already left (all of us are missing her a lot) and Marcio came to stand in. The lake does not have a name and was very easy to work with: no submerged or floating plants blocking the engine, easy access. Furthermore, the lake has a beautiful shoreline full of native trees. Lake number 40 is like the strawberry on the cake of this team, especially for Gige because this lake is full of giant daphnia. This calls for a drink at the pool! At the pool??? Yes at the pool. We are staying in the cheapest hostel so far and it is really a beauty. We are in Ubu (about 70 km south of Victoria) and have a gorgeous beach in front, a sauna and pool at the patio and a delicious breakfast buffet. You would almost think this is a vacation trip :-).
I keep on writing pieces for the website, but there is no internet connection in sight. So by the time you are reading this we might be further north already.

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