19-08-2005 Dona Wilma

Field laboratory

We have not been taking care of ourselves lately: worked long days, got stuck in a lake full (realllly FULL) of Salvinia, lost two anchors, stayed in bad hostel and had little or no lunch. You can imagine how happy we were that we found a ‘mother’ in Lagoa das Pipeiras. Dona Wilma cooked hot meals for us, baked cakes, told us to get a rest, and provided hammocks. It felt so good that we did not want to leave when we finished the lake and because the next lake was very close we decided to leave the laboratory in front of her field kitchen and stayed another two days.

It was very cozy at the lake. We were surrounded by chatting people all the time and furthermore we were kept up to date with the last Brazilian soap series events (this was the first time we had television in our laboratory). O senhor Felix helped us to get the fish out of the net and on Sunday people came to drink beer at the lake shore. We had a very nice time… Dona Wilma had tears in her eyes when we finally said goodbye and could not let us leave without one of the delicious cakes she baked. The nice thing of traveling is to meet new people, but it always hurt a little bit to say goodbye again.

equipo completo

stuck in Salvinia

Dona Vilmas hot food

senhor Felix

Korine and Sarian

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