08-02-2005 Argentina

Leaving Montevideo around 1 o clock we arrived at the Uruguayan-Argentinian boarder around 6:30 in the morning. Armed with a 1 cm thick pack of all necessary paperwork we entered the customs office. At 7 there was a shift in personnel and the guy in charge was doing his cooling down before leaving the office. We could do nothing else then wait and entertain the mosquitoes. But after this it went fast. Thanks to all the hours spend on the Brazilian and Uruguayan bureaucracy we had all the necessary stamps and insurance for the pickup, trailer, outboard motor and boat. We were free to cross the boarder!
Just after noon we arrived in Santa Tome were we met Tito and Susanna, our Argentinian partners. Nestor and Gige already know them from way back, but for David and me it was very nice to meet them in person. We talked quite a bit and they showed us the INALI institute. After a warm hug we left for the hotel were we more or less fell into a coma.

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