10-02-2005 San Carlos

pitbull tararira
pitbull Tararira

The first Argentinian lake was situated near Veinticinco de Mayo. A medium sized town in the Province of Buenas Aires. The owner of the lake senor Carlos Santopietro. And his son welcomed us to their property and told us their fishermen tales. They warned us for the large Tararira swimming in the lake. They showed us a picture of an enormous creature that they had captured ‘once upon a time’.
So we were warned…. but not prepared. The next day when we took out the nets, the mesh size was somewhat alterated. Instead of a mesh of lets say 3 by 2 cm, we were now facing huge holes. The large fish were mostly still alive and tried angrily to bite us. Of the other fish species we could only find some traces if the tararira had left a head or a teal hanging in the net.
It was not an easy task to get them out of the nets. And the male scientist in our group (but lets not go into gender issues here ;-) ) got nastily wounded. So we left the the San Carlos property with 2 less nets, but happily with all our fingers in place.

señor Carlos Santopietro
señor Carlos Santopietro

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