18-02-2006 Tres Lagos

The composition of our team has drastically changed since the last update. We – being Gige and I - are now “assisted” by Erik and John. Yesterday we left Frits at the airport of El Calafate and picked up John. We left El Calafate immediately after. Unfortunately we were not able to sample the last lake there. Getting the permit was just taking too long.

After super touristy El Calefate Tres Lagos feels like a jump back in time. We are staying at the only hotel in the far far surroundings. The hotel has 6 beds, 1 shower and no locks on the door (this would have been the ideal hotel for Frits, because he tends to forget to turn in the room key when leaving the hotel. Rudolfo if you read this: we are very sorry about this, but Frits promised us he will send it back as soon as he arrives home!). Furthermore, there is no police at night. We know this, because we dropped by at the police office to ask if we could leave the car there. We do not want to leave the car on the street anymore. The police office was deserted at night so we had to look for another option. We drove around the town (2 streets) and found a power plant. This plant has a guard 24 hours a day and they did not mind keeping an eye on the car.

Back at the hotel the owner made some food for us. She did not allow us to leave the table before we finished the salad: 'it is very difficult to get vegetables around here, so we can not let anything to waste'. John stole her heart inmediately so you can imagine he had to endure quite some jokes from our part :- ) John simply replied – and it sounded like he meant it: 'this happens to me all the time'. Uhuh.

Anyway tired of the drive and – as goes for John – 32 hours in the plane we went to bed. Next morning we got up at 4:30 - FOUR THIRTY – to take advantage of a short windless period early in the morning. It also fits nice in the salga spirit: ”si puedes sufrir aprovecha'.

Two days before we had already arranged permission to sample in two lakes of doctor Soria. One is extremely turbid and the other one is very transparent and full of plants. The second one happened not to have a name and doctor Soria spontaneously named it after me :- ) . Laguna Sarian :- ) Isn't that funny.

Worked until the wind was really to strong and went for a 'mate' at the hacienda. Doctor Soria is full of stories, so it was really a pleasure. Now I am just waiting for my turn in the shower. After that we'll cross the street to enjoy a homemade dinner made by the wife of Antonio who is the night guard at the power plant. We already know half the village :-)

Doctor Soria and Sarian with the catch of the day

Erik and doktor Soria checkin the gut content of the fish

Gige and I with the water samples


The lady of the hotel in Tres Lagos

and here we see Gige presenting the latest catch

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