06-06-2006 Rio Turbio

Maybe my last update was a little bit confusing. Written in a hurry, some phrases added by my travel companions, photos that do not correspond with the text. To compensate a little bit. Here some more pictures. Pictures of the rescue operation, made by Frits, pictures of our extreme nice host Rudolfo who became Frits' friend for life, a picture of the man that repaired our ponderosa and some last impressions of the lakes we sampled around the miners village 'Rio Turbio'. In the previous update you can see some pictures of Frits cleaning salmon trout and Miquel supervising this work. These fish were caught in Laguna Larga. We caught about 20 of them!

By now, unfortunately we have left Rio Turbio. We wanted to do one more lake there, but we did not get the necessary permission of the owner of the estancia. Ones again we packed our bags, said goodbye to the people we made friends with and left in the search for new lakes.

about 10 men participated in the rescue operation

divers of the fire brigade recueing our boat

back at work and some unfortunate bycatch

end of the first day

Frits adapting to the local culture

Frits getting the fish out at El Dique

Gige happy after we found the fluorometer

Local guy fixing our car. He is already used to the light so doesnt need protecting glasses


lots of delicious salmon trout

leaving Rio Turbio saying goodbey to our host Rudolfo

thank you

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