20-01-2006 Lake Hunting

I am sitting in the local bakery of Tolhuin. This place is open 24 hours and has a computer with internet!

Just a short note to tell you all that it is amazingly beautiful here. We have seen beaver pools, magic forest with trees all covered by different types of mosses, peat landscapes in all imaginable colors, foxes by the dozen, Guanacos (kind of lama's) everywhere and friendly people. This place is so stunning and energetic that all difficulties of the preparations of this trip are forgotten. Only one negative point: after 2 days that were kind of sunny it became really really cold, windy and wet.

The first day we had difficulty to find lakes: they were or inaccessible or salty. The second day we were luckier and now we have 3 lakes in line to be sampled. Tomorrow we'll start in the first one. If by this time tomorrow my fingers are not frozen off I'll try to send some pictures because the lakes and their surroundings are really worth to look at!

Have to go now. Chao.

outlet of Santa Laura

Santa Laura

at Lago del Pescado

Aguas Blancas in a peat area

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