18-01-2006 Tierra del Fuego

After 3200 km Soledad Sarian Gige and Susana arrived in Ushuaia

I am sitting in the lounge of a very nice hotel. I look out over a wonderful lake, unfortunately too large for us to sample. Marten sits next to me. He just came out his hydro massage and is wondering if he will have pate or lobster. – Sorry Egbert if we treat Marten better as we treated you ;- ) –

Our long trip ended well. On the way we more or less found out that there we had to cross Chile to arrive to the Argentinean part of Tierra del Fuego. During all the busy preparations we kind of had forgotten about that. Our international insurance is not valid in Chile and Soledad did not bring her passport because she was not expecting to leave Mercosur. It took us 2 hours to pass Argentinean customs and 45 minutes to pass the Chilean. We drove trough Chile for a couple of hours and then spend another hour or so to enter Argentina again. Viva la burocracia!

No flat tires and a wonderful landscape to enjoy. Tierra del Fuego is sooo beautiful that all of us decided that we definitely have to come back some time.


surroundings of Ushuaia

Beavers in action

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