12-10-2005 Three stories about keys and the tent

The first story is an innocent one. After finishing Lagoa das Cutias we started packing our huge amount of luggage, tied everything up in the back of the pick up, placed the boat on the trailer and all sat down in the car… where we found out that the keys… yes they were still in the tent. We unpacked everything again unfolded the tent, got the keys, packed everything again and went en route.

Some days later we had to say goodbye to Egbert. He is flying to Porto Alegre and then to The Netherlands. 'Now back to modeling' was his last remark :-) . The guy that was supposed to come and pick him up around 6 never showed up and in the end Hamilton offered to take him to Natal. We waved him goodbye and a short while after we wanted to leave the house to go out to eat. It was then when we found out that Egbert had taken keys of the house with him :- ))

This was only an innocent start of a night that was going to turn into a very bad one. We finally locked the house with a padlock we brought ourselves and took off to the only restaurant in the area. At arrival we found out that the wife of the restaurant owner had a headache because of which they had closed the restaurant. Driving back to the village there was nothing else to do then yet again eat a hamburger at a small stand in the street of the house. We were just going there when a guy on a motorbike approached us 'Where we not the people that wanted to eat at the restaurant?'. Of course we were! Then the guy explained that two minutes after we had spoken to the restaurant owner the restaurant had opened anyway and people entered. So he thought that if we wanted to go back we could probably score some food as well. Hmm this was very strange. The owner had just send us a way and now he was cooking for other people. The motor guy offered to drive back to the restaurant and find out what was going on exactly. We sat down on the pavement and waited for his report. After ten minutes he came back and told us that if we were very patient the restaurant owner would prepare a meal for us. 'Very patient' in Brazilian terms means waiting for a longggggggggg time. We decided not to accept the challenge.

So it happened that it was the third time that we ended up at the hamburger stand. Our foraging success has been extremely bad this week. Hamburgers – for me without the burger because for some reason I keep being a vegetarian even though there are no veggies around – and hotdogs were all we could find. Happily there was beer to compensate some of the calories we burned during the fieldwork.

We went to bed early and the next morning we found out that we had been robbed. Our comfortable tent, imported all the way from The Netherlands was gone. Bastards!

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