8-10-2005 Maracajaú

After the first set of lakes we set off to Maracajaú: a locally famous diving spot. Up to now we have not yet checked it out. The diving I mean. We left Michelle behind in Natal – I don't think she was sorry about that :- ) – and Nils came along. We females are in the minority now and we planned to take advantage of that by stopping to lift any heavy things.

The house we are staying is… well how can I best describe it. 'Rustic'. I will skip the description of the toilet and focus on the bedroom. The mattress I was supposed to sleep on is so uhm … well used that I decided to use my 1 cm thick self inflating mattress instead. The bed itself is made of concrete so not too much comfort there. That's why the second night I shifted to the hammock that Hamilton –our local guide- kindly provided to us.

The house is full with the 5 of us – no space for a hammock - and there are no mosquito's so no place better to sleep than outside under a small roof in the garden. So I thought. Around midnight it started storm and the rain poured down. I tried to ignore it for a while but then I got so wet that I made up my mind and went inside. As soon as I lay down again I noticed that the situation had not improved much: the roof was so porous that it was drizzling inside! Nothing to do about it so I drifted into a superficial sleep waking up after 5 minutes realizing that my laptop was naked on the table. Was it getting wet as well? I forced myself to get up, stored the thing and went back to bed continuing my sleepless night.

Happily it did not rain again and the only thing that came down from the roof during the next days was a black kind of dirt that covered our bags and sheets every day.

The first lakes here went like a 'tierelier': very fast. Sometimes – not often enough- we go for a swim in the lakes. It feels like swimming in potable water. The water is perfectly clear and tastes very sweet. We will miss this when we move on to the more nutrient rich lakes.

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