12-08-2005 Guest star

Our dream team (Leo, Luciana, Korine, Gige and me) has been enriched by Judith for the last two days. Traveling through Brazil she just happened to meet us in Macae where we were sampling one of the hardest lakes so far. There were so many floating plants (mainly Salvinia) in Jurubatiba that it was almost impossible to reach the open water. We split up in small groups to get all the work done. It was an incredible work out and we would definitely welcome a back massage. 'Valio la pena' to include the lake. It is part of the Jurubatiba Reserve and there are quit some researchers working here. They told us that this lake recently changed from a state where submerged plants dominate to a floating plants dominated system. Tomorrow we are off to Pipeiras.

Some pictures:

Korine doing chemical analyses

Picking macroinvertebrates

Restinga with lake Jurubatiba on the background

Restinga with sea on the background

An Utricularia species

Trying to take a sediment core

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