20-02-2005 Gige and Nestor turn into tv stars in Las Flores

After Norberto de la Riesta Las Flores looked like a metropolis to us. We made various upgrades: we did not talk to the local police officers but with the mayor and we did not go on air via the radio but Nestor and Gige stared in a real television program. The mayor and the director of ‘recursos naturals y medio ambiente’, Ricardo Lapudula, were both very interested in the analysis we were going to do in their lake ¨Laguna del Difunto Manuel¨.
The lake was located at the edge of town and used actively for canoeing. When we arrived there was just a competition going on. The lake was covered with Ceratophyllum demersum and had some Pistia. To enable water sports they permanently harvest these plants. They used an ingenious ´home made´ machine to do this. See picture.
Ricardo had connections with the local tv station and while we were working they came to interview us. Gige turned immediately into a local media star and was recognized everywhere, from the launderette to the gas station. Before Gige could think about changing careers we decided to move on to the next set of lakes.

Machine to remove submerged plants in Las Flores

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