31-01-2005 Almost gone

Things are going well and although we have an extra delay on the delivery of the fish nets and we still can not pay the dealer to get our car out of the showroom we are any way going on Friday. Gissell will leave already on Thursday to pick up the tubes for the paleolimnological samples. I will not even start to explain why these are still in Argentina (Gige will happily fill in details over a nice beer) but the fact is that they are sitting in INALI in Santa Fe. So she will go and pick them up. We will meet her and the corers in Rosario. Just cross your fingers that we will be able to cross the boarder without too many problems. The figure below shows where we can be found the next month and a half. The blue dots are the pre-selected lakes.
To help our identification in the field and David made some very nice stickers for on the car (see pictures). This is a preliminary logo, comments are welcome.

Lakes in North Argentina

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