18-10-2004 Final tests before start field campaign

Fleeing from the European winter Andy Lotter, John Beijer and Miquel Lurling and I (Sarian Kosten) are about to join the Latin American team in Uruguay (Nestor Mazzeo and Gissell Lacerot). The large field campaign is about to start! Today we are gathering all the material needed in the field. Months of preparation are stalled out in front of me on a table. Small pipettes, flasks, kajak corer, fluorometer etc. etc.
Not everything is ready though. The paleolimnological equipment that we send weeks ago from The Netherlands disappeared somewhere in the mail: we are still trying to locate the boxes. Furthermore a turbidity standard that we ordered in the US and that was send over by UPS is held at the customs office…
But overall I think we are quite ready for the field trial. Half of the team is leaving today to Punta del Este, the other half will come tomorrow. Then we'll find out how ready we really are :-)

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