16-10-2005 Official welcome to the tropics!

We were enjoying a lazy Sunday morning; me running to the bathroom now and then because the food of Maracajaú finally upset my intestines and Gige poking in some infection in her feet with a needle. I did not even realize at first what she was doing but all of sudden she started laughing. I looked up and she told me she found some eggs in her feet. I looked at her with disgust and asked if she was sure. 'Come and look'. My curiosity was stronger than my revolt and I had a look. Yes, they were definitely eggs.

Since about two weeks I also have a small infection at the bottom of my feed and just to make absolutely sure that it was something different I showed it to her. 'Looks very much the same' she said. This was of course exact the opposite of what I wanted to hear. I am not exactly a hero when it comes to these things. When she started prodding in my foot as well it first looked only puss came out but then they started appearing. About 30 small white eggs. Disgusting :-(

A nice story for the website, but I really hope this was our first and last encounter with egg laying bugs here in the tropics.

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