31-05-2005 We got a grant from National Geographic!!

Some weeks ago we received very good news: the National Geographic Society is going to sponsor our second field campaign! This contribution was essential to make our second and largest field trip possible. Furthermore it will enable us to conduct part of the stable isotope analyses that we want to do on tissue of organisms that we collected in a subset of the 100 lakes. These analyses will give us insight in the trophic levels in the lakes and the food web structure. We expect to find interesting alterations between the food webs at different latitudes in nutrient rich and nutrient poor lakes.

At the moment we are preparing all the necessary paperwork and equipment to be able to start working in Rio de Janeiro on the fourth of August. Between July 17th and August 4th a small group consisting of Vera, Christina and myself will visit all selected lakes in the area. This preview will make that our fieldwork can be as efficient as possible.

In October and November we will be working around Natal after which we have to get all the equipment, the car and ourselves back to Montevideo. In January 2006 we hope to start in Tierra del Fuego working ourselves up towards the point where we ended last time in Argentina.

You can tell there is quit a challenge waiting for us. Happily we have an enthusiastic team ready to start the fieldwork and now we also have the funds. It really gives an extra stimulation when a renowned society like the National Geographic is interested in your work and awards it with a grant.

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