SALGA publications

Presentations at conferences:
  • Kosten, S. 2006 Climate induced shifts in lake ecosystems: South American Lake Gradient Analysis - Presentation at the Shallow lakes conference June 2005
  • Kosten, S. 2005 Impact of climate on shifts in stable states in shallow lakes - South American Lake Gradient Analysis - Presentation at the ASLO conference of June 2006 (download pdf)

    Related publications

    1. Kruk, C., N. Mazzeo, G. Lacerot & C. S. Reynolds, 2002. Classification schemes for phytoplankton: a local validation of a functional approach to the analysis of species temporal replacement. J. Plankton Res. 24: 901-912. abstract.
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    3. Scasso, F., N. Mazzeo, J. Gorga, C. Kruk, G. Lacerot, J. Clemente, D. Fabian & S. Bonilla, 2001. Limnological changes in a sub-tropical shallow hypertrophic lake during its restoration: two years of a whole-lake experiment. Aquat. Conserv.-Mar. Freshw. Ecosyst. 11: 31-44. abstract.

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